Decorative, durable, and functional cushions to give your home the pet friendly makeover it deserves

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The Purr-fect Gift for Your Children's Room?

Transform your child's bedroom into a playful wonderland with our paw-some collection of adorable decorative pet-inspired cushions. From cuddly cat-themed cushions to charming dog designs, these delightful additions will bring joy and warmth to their space. Create lasting memories and a cozy atmosphere with our lovable designs today!

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Your Questions Answered

What types of cushions are available at PetsWorld?

PetsWorld offers a wide range of Pet inspired cushions with various collections like autumn, neon, vector art, paw print, vintage, floral, pet logo, and minimalist designs.

What Types of fabrics do you offer?

We offer Linen, faux suede, Canvas and Outdoor Garden Water resistant Cushions to ensure a decorative functional home decor

Are the cushions waterproof?

Yes, all cushions from PetsWorld are 100% waterproof, providing protection against spills and pet-related messes.

Do you offer cushions inspired by specific pet breeds?

Yes, our store offers cushions inspired by various pet breeds, such as German Shepherds, Dalmatians, and Yorkshire Terriers, Siamese and Persian Cats among other Cat and Dog breeds.

What sizes are available for the cushions?

The cushions are available in two sizes: 18x18 inches and 20x20 inches.

Can I remove the fill material from the cushion?

Yes, the cushions come with a removable fill material, allowing for easy removal and insertion of the filling.

Is the cushion suitable for outdoor use?

Given the water and oil repellent exterior fabric and durable Polyester Broadcloth cover, the cushion seems suitable for outdoor use. However, it's wise to check any additional care or use instructions provided with the product.